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Weatherwax Class of 1969 50th Reunion Better Than Expected

(News Item #0419, Published: 09/23/19, Author: William Victor May, – It has become a tribal custom of high schools to meet every five years after graduation to relive their glory years, pretend they are not getting older, and to pity each other politely. Read more

Ramping Up for 9th Reunion (50th year) Weatherwax Class of 1969

(News Item #0364, Published: 01/19/19, Author: William Victor May, – Another secret convocation was held January 19th, by the Weatherwax High School Class of 1969 to plan for the future of the world, and maybe even the 50th reunion, whichever comes first. Read more

Weatherwax Class of 1969 Reverses Climate Change, Cures Cancer, and Ends War

(News Item #0355, Published: 10/06/18, Author: William Victor May, – Classmates from the Weatherwax High School Class of 1969 will meet October19, 2019 to announce the stunning contributionts they have made to the world since graduating. Read more

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