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Ramping Up for 9th Reunion (50th year) Weatherwax Class of 1969

(News Item #0364, Published: 01/19/19, Author: William Victor May, Weatherwax1969.org)

A group of classmates from Weatherwax High School Classmates assembled on January 19th, 2019 to search for long lost friends.

The sheriff arrived when neighbors felt an aging group of Bonnie and Clyde types were plotting a big heist.

Jan Wilson Gudaz graciously hosted at her country manor located outside Olympia Washington as over a dozen former students planned, plotted and plagiarized for the upcoming 9th class reunion to be held September 20th and 21st, 2019.

"Everyone agrees this is going to be a rip roaring roust," said Janet Bacon enthusiastically, "But the big challenge is to find addresses, phone numbers, and emails for every graduate, even if they had fled the country."

Everyone is urged to contact their closest friends and known classmates to check the website and make sure their contact data is also up to date. Or email to Info@Weatherwax1969.org.

The reunion's goal is to have 80% attendance (the missing 20% will be explained later).

Plans for the 50th reunion shindig (Oh, I hope you don't remember the show Shindig) include great decoration and flowers with Donna Freigberg Smith leading the charge. Bonnie Taylor Stein is handling the money, Louise Cady McCutheon has agreed to provide background music, and Laura Myers Balderston has contacted the high school music leaders to arrange a special appearance by some very special people.

Although Janine Ayers Wenworth skipped the meeting, it was rumored that she has reluctantly agreed to trap the members of the legendary 1969 "Goldenaires" into attending and singing for their supper.

Unfortunately, Michelle Donovic Rubin had laryngitis at the meeting, but, being unable to speak, Louis was then able to get some words to which Michelle just nodded yes, no, or "you gotta be kidding."

Michelle whispered that she is sure to be back in vocal form in time for the next planners meeting.

Because Friday night's beer bash will be held at Hoquiam Brewing (Owned by Laura Meyers Balderston's son) a vote to invite 1969 Hoquiam Grads was reluctantly passed by only by the barest margin.

Saturday's soiree will be held at the Grays Harbor Country Club, but classmates will not be allowed to skinny dip in the pool. The planners know this will decrease attendance but must admit no one wants to see senior citizens in that way.

Michelle and Louis are arranging catering to ensure the food is up to current standards because, well ahem, no one wanted to have Arctic Circle burgers.

The three men in attendance - Mike Ghilarducci, David Holmes, and Bill May were seen laughing uncontrollably at most everything that was discussed by the women in attendance.

Bill has created an online database at the Weatherwax1969.org website where students can login and update their contact information, and for other students.

Holmes has agreed to spearhead the search for classmates and to embarrass other students to help out. "If I call or email you please do not ignore me like you did in high school" said Holmes, "We really do want to find every last one of your rascals, even if you have some cockamamie excuse for not attending the reunion."

When Bill was told he would MC at the meeting, and asked if was prepared, he said "Of course" but of course he is not, "I didn't prepare for anything in High school and it turned out semi OK, didn’t it?"