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The Hampton Wines Scholarship

By Wm. May
Published: 04/11/23 Topics: Aberdeen Washington, Education, Music, People, Self Improvement Comments: 0

A scholarship has been created for a man who taught thousands of music teachers far more than music. His dedicated and quality was a lucky fact for them all. Read more

How Dare They Go To Work

By William May
Published: 04/20/20 Topics: Covid-19 Virus, Family, Gratitude, Health Comments: 0

How Dare They Work. Corona Virus.

Really, who the hell do they think they are?

Awakening early every morning, or even in the middle of the night. After too little sleep and too much stress, trudging to a job they love, although they admit it is difficult to love right now. How dare they go to work?

They will often spend 12-hours shifts or much longer and for days on end. Not one day off, not a moment to spend on personal things. No time with family or friends. How do they dare do that to themselves?

Some are paid very well, some paid adequately and others earn far too little. Most will receive nothing extra for the insurmountable obstacles they confront. How do they dare to work at all when others would not?

And yet, they persevere and get up and go to a job they know will be very frustrating. They know it is also rewarding, but that it will not feel that way every day. They do not dare to think about relief, at least not yet.

At the job, they will toil hour after hour, often with no time to eat or take a break. Squeezing in a bathroom break is necessary, but even that feels like wasting time. They will be confronted with thing after thing to do. Work upon work. No rest for the weary.

There will be a non-stop demand to do the difficult, the impossible and even the frightening. They won't feel up to the task all the time, but they will step up to the tasks every time. How dare they do that to themselves?

They see weeks of challenge ahead, maybe months, maybe years. They refuse to look for the finish line, because every champion runner puts one foot ahead of the other knowing it’s the only way to finish. They think about quitting, but only rarely, because quitting would make it more difficult for others. They dare not let anyone down.

As the world begins to show its gratitude for these wonderful human beings, they will still feel inadequate, because the mission is so huge and for now seemingly impossible. How dare they believe they can make it better?

These people are not necessarily glib with their words. They have no time for pontificating. They have no time to complain. They do not seek glory or even recognition. They would not dare direct any attention to themselves.

Every one of them knows the risk of physical illness, mental duress, financial hardships and family stress. They know these things, so how do they continue on? Would anyone else dare?

They dare because the task is at hand. The challenge is now. They dare not wait. They dare not fail. They will not let that happen, no matter how long it takes and no matter the personal cost. How dare they believe they are life givers?

Doctors, nurses, caregivers, counselors, therapists, pharmacists, ambulance drivers, EMTs, first-responders, administrators, janitors and every employee at every hospital, all dare to come to work - and we must all be so grateful that they do.

These people dare because they are different than most of us. Very different. Most dreamt of their career as a calling. They have always known it would be difficult, but they never dared to think it would be like this. But they did know that they could and would act in ways the rest of us cannot promise. They dare to go to work because they saves lives.

Whether you believe in God or you do not, whether you can donate to their cause or not, whether you have suffered from illness or not, it is now time to give thanks that somehow there are people like them in the world.

It is time thank them for dedication that is immense, commitment that is astounding, and for courage that is unending. How dare they?

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Author: William May, Plumbob Publishing
Blog #: 0743 – 04/20/20

Learn to Blog like the Weatherwax Class of 1969

By William May
Published: 11/06/18 Topics: Aberdeen Washington, Education Comments: 0

Weatherwax 1969 Class of 1969 bloggers

Do you love clichés and stereotypes? Now is the time to whip out all those old sayings your parents bandied about so easily. We need bloggers to blog about most anything they like. It would be great if you want to post old memories, old photos and old faces (yours, sorry.)

Remember these rhubarbs from your parents?

  • One day you will thank me.
  • As long as you are under my roof, you live by my rules.
  • Ask a stupid question get a stupid answer.
  • If you keep making that face, it'll freeze that way.
  • If you want to act like a child, I'll treat you like one.
  • Shut the door, were you born in a barn?
  • Time flies
  • Life is what you make of it.
  • A stitch in time saves nine.
  • If I knew then what I know now.
  • A little dirt never hurt you.
  • Here's a nickel, don't spend it all in the same place.
  • This will be the biggest party like ever.
  • Better wipe that look off your face.
  • Because I said so.

  • You better be home by midnight or I'll _____. (Insert your own cliché)
  • If I had a nickel for _____ (Insert your own cliché)
  • You kids today are so _____ (Again insert your own cliché)

Reunion Announcement

It is time for the upcoming 9th Reunion of the Weatherwax Class of 1969.

Unfortunately, it has taken classmates 50 years to do it. And now you too can blog, brag, exaggerate and pontificate about anything that has happened in five decades. All in advance of the big bash September 20 & 21, 2019.

Just click on the Submit Your Blog up on the right side, and rant.

It will not appear instantly because, well because we know who some of you are, and gotta think about the children out there who might stumble upon this information from we old geezers.

But every post will be read, spell checked and posted if it is even of the slightest interest. (Which is a very low bar, eh?)

On, and by the way, the Reunion is all setup for the weekend of September 20 & 21 2019. with a Friday beer bash and Saturday party (more beer). But beware there are some stunning surprises planned, both from yesteryear and a few for future years.

- - - - - - - -

An apology to all the people I plagiarized. Hey, it worked in high school.

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Author: William May – Involuntary Editor
Blog #: 0630 – 11/06/18

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