About Us

This website was posted by an enthusiastic group of people who graded from Aberdeen High School in the wonderful year of 1969. The school's formal name is Weatherwax High School so you can call it Weatherwax or Aberdeen, its all the same to us.

We won't say that growing up in Aberdeen was idyllic but it was ideal for most of us. A place where life long friends were made, where fun was had and where many of us still live. Others have spread across the country and the globe but all of us still think of Aberdeen as home.

Notable People

Tom Quigg, an alumnus of Hoquiam High School, our cross town rivals, has published a book of notable people who were born or raised in the Aberdeen Grays Harbor area. Read it here.

Calling all Classmates

Our "Ninth" class reunioni (which sounds so much better than calling it our 50th year reunion), will be help this September 2019 and we are asking, encouraging, cajoling and even begging every last 1969 Weatherwax graduate to come the party.

It really, trully won't be a party without. And we all want to catch up and just be happy we made it this far. Please join us.

Click here to learn more.

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